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Astasun: Antioxidant Astaxanthin can reduce fine lines

Products containing Astaxanthin can reduce fine lines and improve the appearance of the skin, according to an article in the Telegraph.

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Pomi-T available to buy here

Pomi-TŪ is the only available polyphenol rich food supplement which has been clinically evaluated in a double blind, placebo controlled, government approved randomised trial adhering to EU Good Clinical Practice (GCP) ethical guidelines.

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AstaSUN featured in Daily Express

The Daily Express recommended AstaSUN Skin Support to prepare skin for the sun

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Green Coffee Beans May Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

New research conducted by the American Chemical Society (ACS) describes how natural substances in unroasted coffee beans may help control the elevated blood sugar and weight that underpins type 2 diabetes.

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Tasty Breakfast Recipe - Peanut & Banana Pancakes

Simply Coconut Oil is great to cook with and these pancakes would make a great brunch treat for all the family

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AstaSUN - Inside/Out Skin Support
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