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Please be aware that due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine we are seeing shortages of Sunflower Oil. To ensure that we can still provide you our products, some of our range now uses Rapeseed Oil or Soya Bean Oil. Updates will be made to the labels and website as these products change to new formulations.

Health & Wellbeing Trends of 2024

From personalised nutrition to virtual healthcare solutions, we’ll explore the trends that are reshaping the way we approach our physical and mental health.

Personalised Nutrition

One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition, and in 2024, personalised dietary plans are gaining momentum. Thanks to innovative technologies and insights, we can now tailor our diets to suit our own unique needs and goals. Whether it's optimising performance, managing weight, or addressing specific health concerns, platforms like Zoe provide personalised nutrition plans and supplements tailored to the individual.

Mental Health Awareness and Support

Mental health has gained significant traction in recent years and continues to be a focal point. With increased awareness comes a growing demand for accessible and stigma-free support services. Online therapy platforms, mental health apps, and virtual support groups are becoming more prevalent, offering convenient avenues for us to seek help and connect with others facing similar challenges.



Remote Healthcare Services

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and remote healthcare services, and in 2024, these trends are here to stay. Virtual doctor consultations, remote monitoring devices, and digital health platforms are revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered, providing greater convenience and accessibility to patients across the UK. Telehealth solutions offer remote consultations with healthcare professionals, enabling access medical advice and support from the comfort of our homes.

Holistic Wellness

The concept of wellness extends beyond physical health to encompass mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. From mindfulness and meditation to alternative therapies and wellness retreats, individuals are exploring diverse avenues to nurture our overall wellbeing and achieve balance.

Tech-Driven Fitness

Technology continues to revolutionise the fitness industry, making it easier than ever for us to track activity levels, set fitness goals, and access personalised workout routines. Wearable fitness devices, smart gym equipment, and virtual fitness classes are empowering people to take control of their fitness journeys and stay motivated. Power Health offer various protein powders to suit a whole range of needs - from those wanting to lose or maintain weight to committed body builders, athletes and those in hard training.

Sustainable Living

As environmental concerns take centre stage, there's a growing emphasis on sustainable living and eco-conscious choices. From plant-based diets to sustainable fashion and eco-friendly products, we’re looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

The health and wellbeing landscape in the UK is evolving rapidly, driven by a combination of technological innovation, changing societal attitudes, and a growing awareness of the importance of holistic wellness. From personalised nutrition and remote healthcare services to mental health support and sustainable living practices, the trends of 2024 are shaping a future where we have greater control over our health and vitality.

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