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Please be aware that due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine we are seeing shortages of Sunflower Oil. To ensure that we can still provide you our products, some of our range now uses Rapeseed Oil or Soya Bean Oil. Updates will be made to the labels and website as these products change to new formulations.

What are botanical supplements?

What are botanical supplements?

Botanical supplements, also known as herbal supplements, are plant and herb-based enhancements aimed to nourish and nurture health. Available as pills, powders and oils, there are benefits to consuming natural medicines alongside a health lifestyle.

What are the benefits of taking botanical supplements?

Working out which supplements are beneficial for you to take is essential to how effective they will be. Benefits are varied but symptoms which can be improved from taking herbal supplements include:

  1. Easing joint and muscle pain
  2. Reducing pain caused by arthritis
  3. Supporting the immune system
  4. Improving sleep, mindfulness, and brain function
  5. Improving circulation and reducing blood pressure

Why Oils are Essential

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils made from plant extracts. Plant oils are an effective alternative medicine which contribute towards wellbeing, often used in aromatherapy.

Peppermint - calms indigestion and expels gas from the digestive tract. It has a slightly anaesthetic effect on the nerves of the stomach, which helps decrease appetite, soothe our stomach and calm sickness. Take one Essential Oil of Peppermint capsule before each meal.

Lavender – associated with calmness ands relaxation, lavender is often used to treat mild sleeping problems, restlessness, anxiety and nervousness. Our Lavender Oil capsules are easy to swallow and come in pots of 60 or 1000.

Sage oil - studies have shown that both common sage and Spanish sage essential oil may in fact be beneficial for improving memory and cognition. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of these oils may also help protect against further progression of dementia*.

Power Health’s Botanical Range

We offer a range of botanical supplements, many of them plant sourced.

Tumeric with Black Pepper may ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, reduce inflammation, and help lower cholesterol. A plant native to Southeast Asia, Turmeric is a member of the Ginger family. The human body finds it difficult to absorb turmeric extract alone, so the addition of black pepper extract helps us with the absorption process of turmeric.

✔ 500mg of Turmeric per capsule
✔ Black Pepper Extract to help absorb Turmeric
✔ Available in pots of 30 or 90 capsules

Dandelion, the detox weed, has leaves and roots which are rich in vitamins and minerals. This surprising super weed is useful for treating digestive ailments.  The herb increases bile production and active ingredients enhance the performance of the liver and kidneys, helping to eliminate toxins.

✔ Supports healthy liver function
✔ Aids digestion by stimulating the release of bile from the liver and gallbladder
✔May be used as part of a detox programme

Find out more about our full Botanical Supplements range:

As always, if you are currently taking medication, breastfeeding, pregnant or undergoing medical treatment, please consult with your doctor before taking supplements.

How to buy

Power Health have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality supplements for more than 40 years. Established in 1972, Power Health has become one of the UK’s favourite providers of vitamins and supplement products. These are all manufactured in our own purpose-built factory in the UK.

You can find a stockist - or we offer free standard delivery in the UK on all orders over £30, click and collect directly from our HQ and we ship internationally.