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Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and enhance healing. Magnets are thought to increase blood conductivity and improve circulation, thus improving the distribution of oxygen to the body's cells and enhancing their performance. Magnetism is thought to be of particular benefit to sufferers of lumbago, rheumatism and stiff joints. 

Magnetic Strength

The gauss· of a magnet refers to its strength, with higher numbers representing a more powerful magnet. Magnets used for healing should have be at least 1,000 gauss and magnets can be stacked together or applied to the affected area to increase the gauss rating and power.


Hematite is a naturally occurring stone, also known as iron-stone. These bracelets combine the benefits of magnetic therapy with the appearance of an attractive piece of jewellery, cleverly designed to emulate genuine stones and precious me'tals.The gauss rating for each hematite bead is approximately 2000 gauss.