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Coconut Oil 200g

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BC09 200

Simply coconut oil is natural coconut oil with no added ingredients. Use it in cooking & salad dressings, as a spread or in smoothies or use it for cleansing, moisturising, hair conditioning & as a massage oil.

Coconut oil is produced by drying out coconut ‘flesh’ and then crushing it & pressing it to extract the oil.

Raw (sometimes known as 'virgin') coconut oil does not undergo any extra processing, & because drying the coconut normally takes place outside in the sun for days or months, the coconuts are exposed  to the air (and curious animals and insects)the oil can be contaminated by dust, moulds and bacteria & various other ‘added extras’.

Simply Coconut Oil is refined.  This means that the oil is processed beyond the extraction phase to remove impurities and contamination - making it safe to eat and suitable for the young and the elderly.  It also extends the keeping qualities of the oil.  The refining process involves filtration & heating to a high temperature to kill fungal spores & bacteria. 
The refining process also removes the distinctive coconut taste and odour so that the oil can be used for a wide variety of purposes e.g. as a moisturiser or in cooking without overpowering the flavours of the other ingredients. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Personal Care:

Gentle Face Wash

Natural Skin and Hair Moisturiser

Natural Makeup Remover

Lip Balm

Natural Hair Conditioner

Hair De-tangler for Children

Soothing Foot Rub

Cuticle Oil

Hand Skin Care

Massage Oil

(blend with Essential Oil)

Improve Energy Levels

Pet Care:

Pet Fur Conditioner

Itchy Skin Relief

For Food:


Salad Dressing


Butter Replacement

As a food: use as you would a vegetable oil or spread or according to recipe. Use it in cooking & salad dressings, as a spread or in smoothies.

As a body treatment : apply directly to skin or hair as required. Use it for cleansing, moisturising, hair conditioning & as a massage oil

Coconut Oil

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