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It is the policy of Power Health Products Ltd to maintain a quality system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in pursuit of its primary objectives, the purpose and the context of the organisation.

 It is the policy of Power Health Products Ltd to:

 ✔ strive to satisfy the requirements of all of our customers, stakeholders and interested parties whenever possible, meeting and exceeding their expectations;

 ✔ comply with all legal requirements, codes of practice and all other requirements applicable to our activities;

 ✔ the reduction of hazards, prevention of injury, ill health and pollution;

 ✔ provide all the resources of equipment, trained and competent staff and any other requirements to enable these objectives to be met;

 ✔ ensure that all employees are made aware of their individual obligations in respect of this quality policy;

 ✔ maintain a management system that will achieve these objectives and seek continual improvement in the effectiveness and performance of our management system based on “risk”.

This quality policy provides a framework for setting, monitoring, reviewing and achieving our objectives and targets.

Customer service is an essential part of the quality process and to ensure this is fulfilled, all employees receive training to ensure awareness and understanding of quality and its impact on customer service.

To ensure the company maintains its awareness for continuous improvement, the quality system is regularly reviewed by “the Senior Management Team” to ensure it remains appropriate and suitable to our business.  The Quality System is subject to both internal and external annual audits.


We have now been 'Vegetarian Society Approved' for the last three years. Power Health has agreed to meet the criteria for the production og vegetarian products, as listed in the licence agreement, as determined by the Vegetarian Society.  



Power Health believes that beauty products should be cruelty free. We are proud to be leaping Bunny approved. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements. 

All of our own brand cosmetic and personal care products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to the Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also independently audited. 

For more information about Cruely Free International, Leaping Bunny and leaping Bunny criteria, please visit


Power Health are pleased to carry the accrediatation for certified Organic Farmers and Growers

What is Organic Farmers & Growers? Below is a statement from Organic Farmers & Growers ... 

In 1992 we became the first UK organic certification body to be approved by the Government and now certify over 30% of the UK organic sector.

OF&G was formed in 1973 as a marketing cooperative for organic produce but we are now a dedicated organic control body and certifier for a number of other sustainable land use schemes.

Since the seventies we have spread our expertise to enable us to widen the OF&G certification portfolio.

In addition to the organic certification scheme OF&G now offer inspection and certification for the Pasture For Life mark, commercial composting, as well as a scheme for the product of anaerobic digestion, the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme.

Certification is also provided for the Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Code.

OF&G certify over 1400 farmers, who farm more than half of the UK’s organic land, as well as companies ranging from small, independent processors to major multinationals.

Our role is to ensure that the European Organic standards are carried out on organic farms and food businesses across the UK, and to offer support and guidance for businesses who are making the switch to organic.

From our offices just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire, we provide services to organic businesses across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.


Power Health has satisfied the requirements of the UFAS Universal Feed Assurance Scheme and is Certified for the following processes and activities: The provision of packing operations.