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✔ May ease menopause symptoms

✔ Anti-oxidant properties

✔ May help regulate hormone levels in premenopausal women

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Isoflavones Complex

Soya, Kudzu Root & Red Clover Standardised Extracts

Soya, a staple food in many Asian c ountries, contains many valuable constituents including protein, isoflavones, saponins and phytosterols. The isoflavones in soya have been well researched by scientists for their anti-oxidant and phytoestrogenic properties. Phyto, or plant, oestrogens have a chemical structure similar to the body’s hormone oestrogen, but they are what’s known as adaptogenic, so balancing high and low oestrogen levels. The mild oestrogen properties of isoflavones may ease menopausal symptoms for some women, without creating oestrogen-related problems. In addition isoflavones may help regulate hormone levels in premenopausal women. Phytoestrogens can also protect against osteoporosis, which experts believe is partly caused by the low postmenopausal levels of oestrogen Red Clover and Kudzu Root have also been included for their rich isoflavone content. Isoflavones are a class of phytoestrogens. These tablets contain isoflavones from three different dietary sources. Soya Extract 100mg (10% Isoflavones), Kuduz Root Powder Extract 60mg (40% Isoflavones), Red Clover Powder 50mg (2.5% Isoflavones) 35.25mg total isoflavone content.


✔ High Quality Standardised Extracts

✔ Contains 35.25mg of Isoflavones

✔ In easy to swallow small tablet form

✔ One tablet a day

✔ Available in pots of 30 & 90 Tablets


✔ Experts believe phytoestrogen rich foods are a natural alternative to HRT

✔ Helps ease PMS

✔ May ease menopause symptoms

✔ Anti-oxidant properties

✔ May help regulate hormone levels in premenopausal women

✔ Helps protect against osteoporosis

✔ May help lower insulin levels, which are associated with risk of heart disease

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Take one tablet a day.

Allergy Advice: Contains soya

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

Soya Extract 100mg (10% Isoflavones), Kudzu Root Powder Extract 60mg (40% Isoflavones), Red Clover Powder 50mg (2.5% Isoflavones).

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