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Please be aware that due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine we are seeing shortages of Sunflower Oil. To ensure that we can still provide you our products, some of our range now uses Rapeseed Oil or Soya Bean Oil. Updates will be made to the labels and website as these products change to new formulations.

Do you need mineral supplements?

It’s as easy as Vitamin A, B, C…but do minerals give you a boost?

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients needed by the body. They help our bodies function properly and keep us healthy. Most of the nutrients we need can be achieved through the food and drink we consume, as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Daily life can be hectic, and some days it’s easy to overlook a consistently healthy diet, that’s where taking multivitamins and mineral supplements can help keep us topped up with much-needed nutrients.

What are minerals?

Minerals are organic compounds which help the body in their own way from improving bone strength to managing the movement of fluids around the body and turning our food into energy. Macrominerals such as calcium and magnesium are needed in larger quantities than trace minerals, iron and zinc for example. There are different types of minerals, so when taking a supplement it’s important to know which to take, how and when.

Minerals in the food we eat

Natural sources of minerals are contained in the food we eat, whatever our diet preference, positive sources of minerals can be found in all the foods we consume:

Vitamin A - important for eye health, immunity, and growth. This can be found in animal-sourced food such as liver, butter and cheese as well as plant compounds like carrots, spinach and broccoli.

Iron - essential in the production of protein in red blood cells to carry oxygen around the whole body. Key to brain function, iron is essentially in helping us to sleep and build immunity. Often associated with red meat and liver, iron can also be found naturally in leafy greens, nuts, fruits and seeds.

Magnesium – try avocados, dark chocolate and cashews for a hit of extra magnesium. This super mineral supports our muscle and nerve system, as well as producing energy.

Mineral supplements at Power Health

Power Health offer a range of minerals products to optimise good health, and actively supplement a healthy diet.

Our one-a -day Multivitamins & Minerals food supplement formulation includes a specially selected combination of Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Iodine. We’ve developed this product for anyone who is looking for an effective supplement with the added convenience of a single dosage.

Taking one Iron tablet a day can help combat iron deficient anaemia. Iron is an essential trace mineral that is needed for bodily functions, the formation of normal red blood cells and contributes to a normal cognitive & immune function. The amount of iron needed per day is 8.7mg for men & 14.8mg for women.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, over 50 or on medication please consult your doctor before taking additional vitamins and minerals.

Find out more about the minerals we stock:


Power Health have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality supplements for more than 40 years. Established in 1972, Power Health has become one of the UK’s favourite brand of vitamins and supplement products. These are all manufactured in our own purpose built factory in the UK.

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