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Please be aware that due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine we are seeing shortages of Sunflower Oil. To ensure that we can still provide you our products, some of our range now uses Rapeseed Oil or Soya Bean Oil. Updates will be made to the labels and website as these products change to new formulations.

Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss

Living a healthy lifestyle is built around three core pillars of wellness: diet, physical exercise and mental health. Ideally the three exist in harmony, with a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and proteins, a consistent approach to physical exercise and an awareness of the tools we need to maintain a happy headspace.

Life throws up daily challenges which knock us off our balance. The effects can be widespread with diet often being the first of the pillars to be impacted. Weight gain is common when we’re under stress, the body releases cortisol which increases appetite. Poor sleep, the natural progression towards midlife and for women the menopause, can all slow the metabolic rate and increase the level of fat stored within the body.

How can I lose weight naturally?

There are many ways we can help ourselves to lose weight naturally. By focussing on a desired outcome, results can be achievable. Ways to structure losing weight naturally include:

Setting goals – we can make a start by setting realistic goals based on our lifestyle. Always be kind in what we can achieve, having daily and weekly milestones will make bigger weight loss goals more manageable.

Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy Habits - picking up healthy habits such as a pint of water when we wake up, eggs for breakfast instead of sugary cereal and cutting down on alcohol is always a recommended way to reduce calories.

Movement – incorporating regular exercise into our days, this can be something low impact like a lunch time walk or for a more vigorous heart-raising option we can try couch to 5km.

Rest – sleep is essential to allow our bodies to recover from the day, helps improve brain function and can help maintaining a healthy weight.

Should I consider a weight loss supplement?

If weight gain continues to be an issue, the NHS offers many resources to provide support. Supplements and vitamins can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle and assist with physical conditions.

At Power Health, we offer a range of products which support weight management.

Human Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain, controls growth and development in childhood and adolescence and helps convert the food we eat into energy and lean muscle tissue, rather than storing it as fat. Low levels of HGH partly explain our tendency to put on weight as we get older.

Our Slim-Nite Amino Acids is a food supplement in capsule form, which supports with weight loss, taken each night before bed. Ingredients include Ornithine & Arginine - these stimulate the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in adults while they are asleep. This means that levels of this hormone can be safely retained at teenage level whether you are twenty-six or sixty. The ingredient Carnitine speeds up the passage of fat into cells where it is used as fuel.

High in protein, Spirulina is an aquatic blue green alga which is rich in vitamins including B12 and folic acid, carotenoids, and other nutrients. Spirulina is a vegetable plankton which grows naturally in a pollution free environment. Containing 90% protein it is taken by many people every day for increased energy, strength, and endurance.

Power Pro Creatine Monohydrate Powder is most effective for high intensity training. Creatine is stored in the body’s skeletal muscle tissue, in a form called phosphocreatine. Phosphocreatine acts as an energy reservoir helping to maintain muscle adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels necessary for fuelling muscle contraction. ATP availability helps optimize endurance and strength.

Creatine supplementation is often chosen by athletes, bodybuilders, and sports people from recreational to world class levels. It enhances the body's capacity to perform high intensity work (and assists greater muscle size and performance gains as a result). It enhances recovery and improves anaerobic capacity. Creatine has been recognized by the scientific community as a product that delivers on its promise of improved strength and enhanced muscle size.

Power Health have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality supplements for more than 40 years. Established in 1972, Power Health has become one of the UK’s favourite brand of vitamins and supplement products. These are all manufactured in our own purpose built factory in the UK.

You can find a stockist - or we offer free standard delivery in the UK on all orders over £30, click and collect directly from our HQ and we ship internationally.